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PSECO Inc. markets exceptional Transit Vehicle Wash Systems in Canada and the United States in a number of formats. Pseco’s capabilities include rollover and drive thru systems for buses, trucks, trains and other vehicles. Established in 2006, Pseco acquired the manufacturing assets from another company along with the years of technical expertise from the knowledgeable staff who joined Pseco. Presently, we boast a large portfolio of custom truck wash systems and advanced transit vehicle wash technologies that stand at the top of the industry. Our capabilities include both small- and large-scale complex systems such as:

You can see Pseco wash systems throughout North America. PSECO’s 40+ years of experience in design and engineering of automated controls and dedication to customer service result in a unique brand of quality products as well as an unparalleled commitment to quality service. To speak to our customer representative about the kind of public vehicle or custom truck wash systems we can build for you, give us a call today.