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2 Brush Drive Thru
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Brush drive through systems are ideal for Fleet Owners looking for high volume operations
with sparkling clean results. Brush drive thru is a proven design with low operating and
maintenance costs. The hot dipped galvanized frame is lifetime guaranteed, ensuring
years of quality production and service. It washes a vehicle in less than a minute.
Soft Brushes shine your pain and decals.
Models DT212 Drive Thru H.D. Wash | Maximum Vehicle Height 12ft
Models DT214 Drive Thru H.D. Wash | Maximum Vehicle Height 14ft

Sequence of Operation

Brush drive through systems operate in a precise manner, ensuring that every vehicle to enter the system leaves it spotless. The vehicle is driven through the wash system between the tire guide rails at slow speed. Electric eyes automatically control each function throughout the wash process. First, the Pre-Rinse/Detergent Arch rinses the surface of the vehicle while applying a detergent solution. Then the Roof Mop cleans the entire roof area. Next, the two Pseco-designed brushes wash the front, sides and rear. Detergent is applied to loosen the dirt and lubricate the brushes for complete cleaning and increased brush life. The final Rinse Arch thoroughly rinses all dirt and detergent away, leaving vehicles sparkling clean.

Utility Requirement Provided By Customer
Electrical Supply
  • Provide 3-phase main service to Motor Control Panel (voltage to suit)
  • Provide conduit/wiring from the Motor Control Panel to Arches & Brush Module
Water Supply
  • Provide main 2.5" cold water line @ 50 psi
  • Provide piping from cold water line to Arches, Roof Mop & Brush Module
Compressed Air Supply
  • Provide .5" air line @ 80 psi to Brush Module
Minimum Space Requirements
  • Length: 45'
  • Width: 18'
  • Height: 13' 6" (Model DT212)
    17' 6" (Model DT214)