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Welcome to Pseco Inc.
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A clean vehicle looks better and lasts longer. That's good for both your image and your bottom line.
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Whether it is a Brush Rollover or Touchless Drive-Thru, our Custom Wash Systems will keep you operating at Peak Performance because they are Pseco Clean.

Brush Rollover Systems
The Pseco 3 - Brush Rollover is the most versatile system on the market. it will safely and efficiently wash cars, vans, straight trucks, tractor-trailers and buses.

Brush Drive Thru Systems
This system is ideal for the Fleet Owner looking for high volume with sparkling clean results.

Touchless Systems
The touchless vehicle wash system is designed for irregular shaped vehicles...

Welcome to PSECO Inc.
Welcome to PSECO Inc., a transit wash system specialist you can trust. Located in Woodbridge, ON and providing custom wash systems to clients across North America, we have established ourselves as a leader and innovator in transit wash system technologies. In addition to rollover and drive-thru systems, as well as fully custom made wash systems, we offer solutions that utilize water reclamation to ensure you save money on water costs while keeping your fleet clean.
A clean vehicle looks better and lasts longer. This is good for both your image and your bottom line. Pseco builds custom wash systems that can help ensure that your vehicles are kept clean, regardless of their size and shape, how many there are, or how much dirt they encounter on the busy roads. For more information on how to get a transit wash system that will suit your requirements, give us a call today.